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    People often give me a quizzical eye when I say my business' name is Tsaheylu Farm.

    When I first saw the movie Avatar I was in love with how they portrayed the connection between the human like aliens and their animals. Tsaheylu means "the bond" made between rider and creature (horse). It's an empathetic, mind connection based on trust and respect. What could be better for the name of my farm. It's what I believe in deeply in regards to life, myself, and most certainly my relationship and interaction with horses and my students. Yes!! My students too, riders deserve the same bond between instructor, that the horse deserves with their rider. Our goal is effortless and kind communication. My instruction is not all mechanics, it is also energy, intuition, observation, and education. So Make the bond! That is Tsaheylu, the bond.

Tsaheylu ~ the bond ~ trust & respect & education

Jan 14 2016

     I've been working with horses for over 30 years but I just discovered how to really clean and care for my very nice and very $$ wool saddlepads- like the Fleeceworks or Mattes. I have ruined too many to mention. So here is the secret! You will need a nice little, and very inexpensive, wire dog brush.  When you are done riding, say you went foxhunting and the saddle pad is soaked, and filthy, and mud covered, just leave it out to dry (not in direct sunlight), wool side up. Once it's dry, you brush it like it was a dog and all the dried sweat and filth comes right off. My pads look beautiful once again, no shrinkage, leather warping, clumps of fur coming out, stink, or ugly stains. The cotton part of the pad may get stained from the saddle, but that won't show when the saddle is on. 

    I use Li'l Pals Slicker Brush personally. This is what it looks like and I'll try to link the picture. Currently its $6.16. 

Li'l Pals Slicker Brush- to keep wool saddle pads beautiful

Feb 7 2016

    Every season around January my clipped horses start to get dry skin. I can curry and brush, and feed rice bran,  all I want but there are still flakes. BUT I just found a product that has changed that! It's called HAIR MOISTURIZER FOR HORSES by Healthy Haircare. It contains Lanolin so it naturally works to moisture dry skin. My horses now have shiny, smooth coats under their blankets. I spray them after I groom and then soft brush the product into their coat. It isn't slippery, smells nice, is natural, and works. I love it when I discover products like this. You can click on the photo if you are interested in using it too. It's a concentrate so you will mix a portion of the bottle with water.

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`What's New?

July 2023- Adult Riding Camp at Grove Point Stables in MD.

~Sunflowers, trails, riding in the bay, yummy food, ax- throwing, and horsemanship were part of the fun for Makendra with her horse Nugget and Angela (a Tsaheylu boarder) with her horse Langley. After lots of preparation to get our horses fit, and logistics to get there, we ended up having a wonderful time!

Jan 7 2023

    6 Horse & Riders completed at the Loch Moy Rock n Roll XC Derby. So Much Fun and ribbons to boot!


  After welcoming my son's arrival in November, lessons are starting back up as the weather has been wonderfully warm. The footing in the ring has been perfect. As you can see you're never too young ( or too old) to start riding!


Tsaheylu Farm moved from Marshall to a lovely horse farm in Philomont August 2019. The entire operation is run by Makendra and the emphasis is on teaching. Lessons are taught on either Makendra’s personally trained horses, or your own. There is limited boarding for student’s horses. The farm boasts a large outdoor ring, access to trails,  13+ acres of pasture, airy aisle way & stalls, 2 wash stalls with warm water, an organized heated tack room, and heated office, picnic tables with shade cover, and most importantly a wonderful, supportive community. The Philomont General Store is a 30sec drive or 2min walk down a gravel road, along with the Philomont Playground & Community Center. Easy access from rt7, rt50, or rt267 (the toll rd). 

1-20-2018- Roo competed in his first real show, 2'6 Green Hunters at Frying Pan Park. He earned a 4th & 6th but truly it was about dealing with the atmosphere and get his show legs. He's pointed to the jumpers, but starting in the quieter hunters. Plus he's quite a stunning show hunter.

Jan 6 2016- Ribbons and Lace is tied for 1st place nationally in the 2015 RPSI filly inspections. Here she is in the most recent Warmbloods Today issue. So excited about this filly's future!!

Oct 6 2015- Rubichez won the 2015 USEA FEH inagural Free Jump Championship. He impressed the judges with his smoooth, powerful canter and breezed over the jumps. This is his photo in Eventing Magazine 

August 15 2015- Lacey's newest filly Ribbons & Lace (aka Roxette) was amazing at her RPSI inspection, winning Site Champion Foal and Gold Premium with a score of 8.6!  Lacey has a huge trot but Roxette was passing her in trot that just floated across the ground. Plus Roxette is sweet, kind, and has a wonderful sense to her. Love this girl!

May 16 2015  Lacey had her baby and it's a girl! Beautiful markings, this girl is vibrant and well put together. I wouldn't change a thing about her. Labor went great, although Lacey tried to sneak out to pasture to have her baby and I caught her just before her water broke. We will name her soon.

Nov 5 2014

Faith and Juliet both got 6th place over all at the Redgate Farm Horse Show Year End Awards banquet. It was a wonderful time and the girls felt very proud. Plus they got a great goodie bag and a big ribbon!

Nov 2 2014

Rubichez competed at the USEA FEH East Coast Championships. He placed 4th in the 2yr old Colt division and was very well behaved. I will most likely be heading him towards the jumper or dressage ring in the future but the FEH program is wonderful to get the young ones out and used to the show atmosphere. 



June 7 2014


Upperville Horse Show- Leadline

Twinkles took both Juliet and Faith to Upperville leadline this June. Both girls got a coveted rainbow ribbon and had a blast. On to walk/trot classes for Faith.


April 25 2014


Juliet and Faith Burns rode in the Lead Line division at the Philomont Horse Show. Faith placed 2nd, and at Juliet's first show she placed second and third, but the lollipop was the most appreciated prize! Twinkles was a star too!



April 24 2014


Freestyle x Nabiola Filly is Here!


Nabiola had a black filly by Freestyle at 1:40AM Friday morning! She has two hind socks, a large star, and a super sweet disposition. The labor went smoothly and Nabiola is a wonderful, attentive mother. The filly loves racing back and forth in her pasture, until she plops down for a rest with her mama standing guard. The other broodmares, who will have foals next spring, look jealous:)

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